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Tomáš Braverman

ex - CEO

Pavlína Louženská


Lukáš Janoušek

CEO & Co-founder

Petr Kasa


Adam Pearce

Blend Commerce

Tomáš Prouza

Vice President

David Verner


Mário Roženský


Miroslava Birešová

Operational Lead Sales

Ivo Mrena


Alexander Visnyai

Leadgen Academy

Jakub Řehounek

Business Development Manager

David Simoes

Chief Sales Officer
Shopsys | Sounds Good Agency

Lukáš Pítra

Customer Experience & Marketing consultant

Juraj Harkabuzík

Customer Hero

Eliška Komínková

Head of Tax
Baker McKenzie

Milan Cidilo

Founder & CEO

Jan Jelínek


Aleš Rod

Executive Director

James Waterworth

Director of EU Public Policy

Václav Nekvapil

Managing Director

Petr Očko

Director General
Digitalization and Innovation, MPO

Marcel Kolaja

Member of the
European Parliament

Ondřej Kovařík

Member of the
European Parliament

Martin Bednář

Head of Competitiveness and TTE Unit
Czech PermRep to the EU

Adam Čejka

Legislative Analyst

Kryštof Kruliš

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Spotřebitelské fórum

Petr Novotný

Head of Consultancy

Michal Kardoš

Executive Director

Ondřej Malý


Lukáš Matějka

Head of Fast Data and Artificial Intelligence

Pavel Bartoš

Chief Marketing Officer

Simona Sumegová

Sales Manager

Jaroslav Novák


Jan Baštýř


Jakub Malý

Co-Founder & Head of Sales

Marek Růžička

Co-Founder & Head of E-mail Marketing

David Cikánek

Head of Global Sales

Eva Šípková

Head of Customer Experience

Mirko Zapletal


Maciej Michalski

Senior Head of Sales

Pavel Pola

Etnetera Activate

Karel Holub

Product Manager

Ruslan Skopal


Ondřej Klega


Peter Hupka


Filip Kirschner

Co-Founder & COO

Tomas Arsov

Founder & CEO
Tomas Arsov

Josef Dvořák

Head of Commercial Growth & Excellence

Adam Carson

Accent Artisan

Jan Tecl

Tax Advisor & Partner
EKP Advisory

Tomáš Šalamon


Jan Mayer

Managing Director
Heureka CZ/SK

Miro Kramar

E-commerce Business Developer

Adam Novák

Key Account Manager

Kristýna Křížová

Agátin svět

Martin Zdražil

YYY agency & Hedepy

Vít Staněk


Radim Pařík


Libor Váka

Real Estate Investor & Consultant
Libor Váka

Miroslav Singer

Chief Economist CEE

Lukáš Kovanda

Chief Economist

Petr Plecháč

Financial Influencer

Igor Fait

Managing Partner
Jet Investement

Jana Brodani

Executive Director

Petr Brabec

Entrepreneur & Assistant Professor

Jan Berka


Pavel Peterka

Chief Economist

Jiří Tuvora

Member of the Supervisory Board

Petr Novotný


Juraj Forgács

Co-Founder & CEO

Aleksandar Brdar

President at Investor´s Club Brno Branch

Ondřej Šaier

Managing Director
WIV group

Jakub Flek

Sales Director
WIV group



Turbulent times call for major investment in new technologies, integrations and add-ons. Customer focus also plays a big role. Customer experience is among the top industries across companies worldwide, and in ecommerce now more than ever. It presents challenges from big brands to smaller ones, and can often be a competitive factor for success across the omnichannel.

What all goes into this puzzle to understand the customer experience? How to understand customer expectations, leverage artificial intelligence, processes and tools in customer care, how to build a brand through it, measure impact, how to increase overall customer satisfaction and loyalty beyond the local market - we will discuss across the day.

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8:30 Growth strategies for the modern landscape – Peter Hupka

- Data-driven insights revealing trends for strategic e-commerce decisions in the furniture market.
- Cross-border e-commerce offers significant opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and cater to a global audience.
- AI-powered e-commerce transformation leading to faster localisation and better customer experience.

8:50 How to mine customer data – Pavel Pola, Karel Holub

You're sitting on piles of data about your customers and many times you have no idea what to do with it. We'll show you a few specific examples of how you can use customer behaviour data to your advantage.

9:10   Cesta do pekla nebo do ráje – Lukáš Janoušek

Prezentace na téma budovani firmy skrze VC kapital a M&A.

9:30 Trends and opportunities in e-commerce regulation – Václav Nekvapil, Petr Očko, Kryštof Kruliš, Eliška Komínková, Petr Novotný, Ondřej Kovařík

In this panel, experts from the public and private sectors will delve deeper into the latest and upcoming key policies and regulations influencing the e-commerce sector in the near future. This includes preparation for new rules set by the AI Act, Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), VAT in the Digital Age, or regulations dealing with EU customs.

10:30   Inspiration – Pavlína Louženská

From AI, to new business models, to changing customer behaviour. Pavlina goes through what is already possible, or very soon will be, in quick succession.

11:00   EU2024-2029: E-commerce v příštích pěti letech – Tomáš Prouza, Ondřej Kovařík, Marcel Kolaja a Adam Čejka

The upcoming European Parliament elections taking place in June will play a key role in also steering the direction of the EU’s e-commerce space for the next five years. This panel aims to bring together a group of Czech MEPs with an active interest in topics relevant to e-commerce and SMEs, to provide a macro look into the priorities, challenges, and opportunities that will be prevalent in the Parliament’s next term.

11:45 Is EU regulation successful in ensuring fair competition in the digital and e-commerce spaces? – Aleš Rod, Martin Bednář, Michal Kardoš, James Waterworth, Ondřej Malý (in English)

The soon-to-be-concluded European Commission term (2019-2024) brought with it a slew of regulatory changes aimed to strengthen fair competition and compliance among European companies in the digital and e-commerce spaces, and to better protect those of smaller size. Did it succeed? This panel will bring together experts, policymakers and representatives from start-ups and large players in the digital economy world to discuss the current trends, hurdles in these areas, and outlook for the next term (2024-2029).

12:45   The Story of Transformation – Petr Kasa

The presentation will focus on the story of a successful company that has experienced exceptional growth over the past decade. From its beginnings with zero employees, the company has grown to nearly 400 people and expanded into five countries, achieving a turnover in excess of €100 million per year. Key strategies that have enabled the company to break through in a competitive environment and experience rapid growth will be presented. However, in response to recent macroeconomic events and market changes, the company has recently undergone a major strategic transformation. Today, the focus is predominantly on profitability instead of rapid growth. This presentation will discuss how the firm is navigating this change, what steps have been taken to ensure sustainability, and what lessons can be taken away for future strategic planning in a world of uncertainty.

13:15   Management – Tomáš Braverman

Managing a company with several hundred employees in an international environment requires having a bulletproof strategy, perfect team goal setting and leadership, and a team with a strong company culture and organizational structure. In this talk by Tomas Braverman, you will learn how he approached these areas while leading the Heureka Group, which operates shopping portals in nine countries and employs 600 professionals.

13:45   Marketplaces – Alexander Visnyai

In the era of the rise of marketplace platforms, it is crucial to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing digital ecosystem. You will learn how to leverage traditional B2B approaches for your e-commerce business to ensure its continued long-term growth. Throughout the talk, I will mention topics such as customer experience, customer journey, personalization and even strategic partnerships. You will take away concrete ideas, recommendations and inspiration from the talk that you can implement immediately for your ecommerce business. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

14:05   Marketplaces – Miroslava Birešová, Simona Sumegová

Miroslava a Simona vám prozradí exkluzivní strategie a osvědčené techniky, které vám pomohou nejen překonat konkurenci na globálním trhu Kaufland, ale také optimalizovat vaši výkonnost pomocí různých přístupů. Ponořte se do světa našich tržišť, od Kaufland.sk na Slovensku přes Kaufland.cz v České republice až po Kaufland.de v Německu. Zjistěte nejen, jak můžete snadno rozšířit svůj prodejní záběr v rámci ekosystému Kaufland Global Marketplace, ale také získejte přehled o naší efektivní službě Fulfillment. Tento exkluzivní pohled přináší konkrétní kroky a doporučení, jak úspěšně začít, přesvědčivě prodávat a dobýt nové cílové skupiny.

14:25 Personalization of e-shops - Jakub Malý and Marek Růžička

Most e-shops today work more or less with e-mailing. Only 2 e-shops out of 20 do not have e-mailing to which you can subscribe. Nor do they send any regular newsletters to registered customers. It's a shame, because by doing so they are depriving themselves of at least 7% of the potential turnover that even an average e-mailing achieves. However, where they do emailing well the proportion is as high as 20%.

14:45   Personalizace e-shopů – Lukáš Matějka

Fully personalised product recommendation based on artificial intelligence is becoming a necessity in the dynamically changing world of ecommerce. How are the biggest players in the Czech market addressing the ever-increasing customer expectations, and what impact does personalisation have on changing trends in shopping behaviour? Lukáš Matějka from the spin-off Zoe.ai, which specializes in hyper-personalization in the shopping process, will show a real case study.

15:05   Omnichannel – Jan Baštýř

Providing a personalised experience for each individual customer, across multiple channels, is becoming beyond human capabilities. Fortunately, the possibilities of generative AI have recently expanded, and are more of a talking point for now. In this talk, we'll look at the realities of using AI for marketing communications - what can it do today, where does it fall short, and most importantly, what are the results? And you'll learn why data is the key to using AI. Lots of data.

15:25   Rychlost rozhoduje. Jaký potenciál skrývá quick commerce? – Josef Dvořák

Prezentace na téma současné i budoucí trendy expresního doručení a same day delivery. Jak Wolt proměnil očekávání zákazníků a jak může pomoct značkám všech velikostí?

15:45 Year 2023 through the eyes of e-shops - Ivo Mrena

Ivo's presentation presents the answers from an extensive survey conducted by Shoptet in January 2024, in which over 1500 Czech and Slovak e-shops answered what challenges awaited them in 2023. It presents what online shops that grew despite the weakened economy did differently. What do the owners of such e-shops consider to be the source of their success? What helped them overcome possible weaker customer demand in 2023? You'll find out in just a moment...

16:05   Budování brandu – Tomas Arsov

Presentation on branding.

16:25   Škálovatelnost, rozšiřitelnost a agilita vaší e-commerce platformy jako klíčové faktory růstu – Vojtěch Košák

In today's competitive ecommerce environment, the scalability, extensibility and agility of your ecommerce platform are key factors for successful growth for businesses of all sizes.

This talk will show you how these factors can negatively affect your online business. You'll learn how scalability drives growth, how the right scalability design allows e-stores to respond flexibly to changing conditions, and how a fast Time-To-Market is critical for expansion and radical growth.

16:45   Retail-as-a-Service – David Verner

Prezentace na téma: Sdílené prodejny Pikito mění hru v budování značky e-shopů. Jak jinak se ubránit nájezdníkům ze zahraničí, než kamenem?

Startup Validation Contest – Pavel Bartoš, Petra Gordan, Jakub Losenický a Ondřej Smýkal

The Validation Contest is a competition for startups and projects that have not yet achieved significant investment. Its goal is to help participants prepare a presentation that will appeal to investors and effectively present their concept. During the competition, startups will present the key PROCESS of VALIDATION of their idea, i.e. how they have verified that there is a real customer interest in their product/service. This is a total presentation of about 6 - 8 startups in the pre-seed and seed stages. They will present their validation, so these will be projects that have a POC or MVP.

Inspiration stage

10:20   Jak na rychlou zahraniční expanzi se Shopify – Miro Kramar

V České republice se platforma Shopify těší stále větší oblibě a popularitě. Její hlavní výhodou je možnost rychlého a jednoduchého rozšíření obchodu na mezinárodní trhy. Během tohoto talku vám Miroslav Kramár, e-commerce business developer z agentury MageXo, představí a detailně vysvětlí proces expanze do zahraničí na platformě Shopify. Budeme se zabývat konkrétními příklady a praktickými tipy z prostředí agentury MageXo, které vám pomohou lépe porozumět platformě Shopify a plně využít její potenciál.

10:45   Nové trendy zákaznického chování v ecommerce – Jan Mayer

V Heurece máme unikátní data ohledně toho, co lidé nakupují na 9 trzích v CEE včetně Čech, Slovenska a Maďarska. Honza je ředitel Heureky pro CZ a SK a rád tato data sdílí s našimi partnery, aby jim umožnil prodávat lépe. Přijďte objevit zajímavé trendy, které vám pomůžou vybruslit ze současné trubulentní doby jako vítězové.

11:00   Growth strategy – Jaroslav Novák

In today's fast-paced business environment, Revenue Operations (RevOps) is paramount for driving growth and maximizing revenue impact. This presentation explores the intersection of RevOps, time to value, and the ability to act in the context of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) as the pinnacle of marketing and communication evolution.

We delve how CDPs address the needs of C-level managers by providing comprehensive solutions that align with revenue objectives, improve operational efficiency, and drive competitive advantage. With CDPs as the cornerstone of their marketing and communication approach, organizations can adapt and thrive in an AI-powered landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences and maximizing revenue potential.

11:15 E-shop growth - Jan Jelinek

Jak jsme v Alense dosáhli toho, že rosteme každý rok dvojciferným procentem a nezpomalujeme ani když e-commerce stagnuje? Škálováním a automatizací (již i za pomocí AI). Ukážu vám tři konkrétní příklady, které můžete vyzkoušet ihned sami a uvidíte výsledky prakticky za týden.

11:35   Customer experience – Lukáš Pítra, Mário Roženský, Juraj Harkabuzík, Eva Šípková a Jaroslav Novák

Don't take this lightly - it is one of the factors for further growth. Customer experience is a big part of your brand, and knowing your customer is a driver of sales and long-term sustainability. Improve the buying process, invest in innovation, analyze what parts are challenging for the customer, what their needs are, communication and order history. We look at how to communicate with the customer, how to gain their trust and not over do it. How to connect employees and happy customers and what role suppliers play in customer care.

12:20 Advantages of electric fleet - Jakub Řehounek 

Jakub Řehounek ve své prezentaci představí důvody, proč neváhat s přechodem vozového parku na elektrický.

12:35   International guest – Adam Pearce

Masterclass: Email marketing to drive up LTV? Here’s what DTC brands are doing.

In this session, Adam Pearce, CEO of Blend Commerce will share 6 practical techniques being used by DTC brands to drive up retention and LTV. He’ll be sharing practical examples and use cases, and give an opportunity for participants to discuss their own challenges with email marketing and its use to drive repeat sales.

Presentation: Conversion rate. Why it’s only part of the puzzle to solve in 2024.

In this session, Adam Pearce, CEO of Blend Commerce will discuss the pitfalls of the eCommerce obsession with conversion rate, and unpack how focusing on LTV can lead to better results for all business stakeholders in 2024 and beyond.

12:55   Výkonnostní kampaň – Milan Cidilo

Managing a company with several hundred employees in an international environment requires having a bulletproof strategy, perfect team goal setting and leadership, and a team with a strong company culture and organizational structure. In this talk by Tomas Braverman, you will learn how he approached these areas while leading the Heureka Group, which operates shopping portals in nine countries and employs 600 professionals.

13:15   Analýza ziskovosti – Matěj Kapošváry

Poslední 4 roky byly v e-commerce jako na houpačce – covidový boom, post-covidový pokles a aktuální korekce trhu s pozitivním výhledem do budoucna. Jak si v tomto období vedli největší hráči z pohledu tržeb, zisků a dalších finančních ukazatelů? Podíváme se na hloubkovou analýzu jejich hospodářských výsledků, vše v kontextu tržních dat i s výhledem, co nás pravděpodobně čeká v nejbližších letech.

13:35   Omnichannel – David Simoes

Gone are the days when the voice assistant on your phone was just an interesting but not particularly functional accessory. Optimizing for voice search is no longer an option, but a necessity, as it can significantly impact your company's online visibility and increase customer engagement How customers use voice search, how to prepare for it in the e-shop, how voice search differs from text search. One of the most serious problems for e-tailers is abandoned shopping carts. Often used by busy consumers while driving, cooking or... other shopping - here's the potential of voice search and shopping and why it greatly increases the chances of an instant transaction. The sale is no longer happening on TV, but live on your social networks and mobile devices. What is the evolution of Live selling.

13:55   How to collect funds more efficiently in cross border E-commerce? – Maciej Michalski

Prezentation in English: We will discuss the key aspects of cross border e-commerce from a financial perspective. We will focus on the challenges associated with different currencies and payment methods that affect settlement processes.

14:10 The most common mistakes of e-shops in terms of taxes - Jan Tecl

Prezentace na téma nejčastější chyby u e-shopů z pohledu DPH a daně z příjmů a na co by si měly e-shopy dávat pozor.

14:25 Transformation of e-commerce company - Ondřej Klega

This talk focuses on key strategies and practices for successful e-commerce business transformation. Given the ever-changing ecommerce landscape, it is crucial that businesses are able to adapt to new trends. The presentation will provide, real-world examples of how to effectively manage the transformation of an ecommerce business, including optimizing processes, implementing technology and tools, and building the entire company organization.

14:40   Klíčové aspekty brandingu a videoreklamy – Adam Novák, Martin Zdražil, Martin Šimek

V této panelové diskuzi se zaměříme na klíčové aspekty brandingu a videoreklamy, které jsou nezbytné pro úspěch v digitálním marketingu. Úvodem představíme zkušené panelisty z oblasti brandingu a digitálního marketingu, kteří sdílejí své bohaté zkušenosti a odborné znalosti.

První Sekce: Budování Brandu – V této části vysvětlíme pojem branding a proč důležité na něm pracovat. Panelisté představí příklady úspěšného brandingu a zkušenosti z praxe, které poskytnou náhled na to, co funguje ve světě značek.

Druhá Sekce: Videoreklama v Digitálním Marketingu – Zaměříme se na aktuální trendy ve videoreklamě, její vliv na branding a celkový výkon kampaní. Diskutováno bude také o tom, jak se vyvarovat běžných chyb při tvorbě video reklam. Panelisté také nasdílí best practice pro tvorbu video kampaní.

Třetí Sekce: Integrace Brandingu a Videoreklamy – Prozkoumáme, jak může integrace videoreklamy do marketingových strategií posílit branding a zlepšit vnímání značky. Diskuze poskytne náhled na to, jak správně začlenit videoreklamu do marketingového mixu a jak vyhodnotit úspěšnost videokampaní zaměřených na branding.

Závěr – V závěrečné části otevřeme prostor pro otázky od publika.

Tato panelová diskuze nabídne účastníkům cenné náhledy a strategické rady, jak efektivně využít videoreklamy pro posílení svého brandingu v rámci digitálního marketingu.

15:00   Datově řízený marketing – Tomáš Šalamon

Chcete opravdu rozumět svým zákazníkům? Víte, na co reagují a jak se
jejich chování v čase mění? Každý e-shop má přístup k velkému množství
dat, která mu mohou pomoci odpovědět na tyto klíčové otázky.

Na přednášce se dozvíte, jak efektivně využívat data pro hlubší
porozumění zákazníkům a optimalizaci marketingových strategií. Projdeme
si konkrétní příklady využití dat v kampaních napříč všemi kanály, jako
jsou e-mailing, SMS, sociální sítě a další. Představíme metody pokročilé
analytiky, které umožňují personalizovat nabídky a tím zvyšovat
zákaznickou spokojenost a loajalitu.

Dozvíte se, jak správná interpretace dat a jejich praktické využití
přináší e-shopům konkurenční výhodu a výrazné zvýšení tržeb. Posuňte
svůj e-shop na vyšší úroveň pomocí síly dat již dnes.

15:20   Marketplaces Mění Hru v České E-commerce – David Cikánek

Prezentace na téma jak marketplaces mění hru v české e-commerce.

15:40   Efekt kamenné prodejny na růst e-shopu – David Verner, Kristýna Křížová, Vít Staněk, Ruslan Skopal

Panelová diskuse na téma Efekt kamenné prodejny na růst e-shopu.

16:10   Orientace v kryptoměnovém prostředí pomocí nejdůležitějších metrik – Tomáš Pacalt

Orientace v kryptoměnovém prostředí pomocí nejdůležitějších metrik

16:30   Affiliate performance marketing – Mirko Zapletal

Prezentace na téma: 15 let zkušeností vedení affiliate performance marketingu velkých značek: Lessons learned

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Český startup Pikito mění maloobchodní prodej sdílenými prodejnami

Praha, Česká republika, 28. května 2024 – Český startup Pikito, průkopník inovativního...


GECOM představí trendy v péči o zákazníka

Na konci května bude Pražský hrad patřit lídrům z řad e-commerce. Na konferenci GECOM...









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